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Before becoming a colonic hydrotherapy Pontefract specialist, I attended my first colonic in 2009 due to long residing issues with my bowels, including lack of bowel movement. Numerous visits to the doctor, different medications and a range of diets didn’t seem to help. I began to feel like I would suffer with these issues all my life.

I researched colonics and although I felt nervous about the treatment I was willing to try it. Once my first treatment was complete I came out wondering what all the worry had been about. A treatment of colonics allowed my colon to function properly for the first time in years. I had a huge increase in energy levels, bloating of my stomach decreased and I was no longer constipated. 

After seeing and feeling the benefits of colonics, I decided I wanted to share this knowledge and help others improve their health and wellbeing. I built PuraCleanse from my passion to demonstrate to others the wide range of benefits of colon care. Having a healthy colon is key to maintaining good health and wellness.

Puracleanse; specialists in colonic hydrotherapy Pontefract

Colonic Hydrotherapy Pontefract
Here at PuraCleanse we strive to provide our clients with a professional, clean, comfortable and friendly environment by offering them the highest possible quality service in colonic hydrotherapy and colon care. We take time to listen to each client to help them reach their health goals. We want all of our clients to leave the clinic feeling relaxed and positive about their health and wellbeing.